SsangYong XLV 2018 Review

Friday, April 7th, 2017 - SsangYong
SsangYong XLV 2018 Black Color Option

The compact crossover, but it comes from Tivoli SsangYong XLV 2018 boasts 24 centimeters more than the rear overhang. Which loads well 494 liters (before were 363). Of course, the XLV is less slender, crossover, and sister ended up becoming almost a station high. The sofa is not flowing, but flexibility is ensured by reclining rear seatbacks 60/40 and variable cargo floor and removable. In addition, the extensive margin reserved for passengers is increased. Welcome, then, the design features, though not all the materials are soft to the touch.

Dual color body. The tested car, in version 1.6 d Be Limited Visual 2WD, shows some differences compared to specimens sold in Italy: 18-inch alloy wheels have a design and a different tint; the bicolour painting, present on the car-Dandy blue with white roof-won’t be matching the sunroof. And yet, as original equipment will mount your tires M + S option; and you can have that summer, as on the vehicle under test. The engine is the 1.6 turbo diesel 115 BHP already appreciated on Tivoli. Here, though, there are eighty pounds heavier and Aisin six-speed automatic transmission. Thus, the SsangYong XLV 2018 is better to grind road at full load, not to wriggle into the mixture. The March, albeit less lively than on the Tivoli, is quite pleasant and a little tiring. In traffic, with soft foot, the automatic offers only advantages: no paddle, but just a little button on the left side of the knob to switch to manual mode (with climbing faster). To the left of the steering wheel adjust the driving mode (this is reserved for automatic versions): Eco, Power, Winter. With the intermediate is kept a bit longer, while the last start at second on funds with low grip.

Double-sided trim. Performance is outstanding, at the bottom, though, the Korean is amzing as needed. The 1.6 turbodiesel and 160, somewhat rough-XDi at low revs and when you squeeze hard, has a good progression. How to trim, the SsangYong XLV 2018 shows two faces: filter fine irregularities before, while it is more stiff behind, despite obvious body roll. An effect already noticed on the Tivoli diesel, which has a similar setup. Also underline the fact that there is a rear wheel 2WD versions interlinked, while the multilink is reserved for “integral”. In tests the XLV showed a certain lack of consistency, especially in the wet, with effects not always linear of Esp. And the Steering doesn’t help because it’s, Yes, quite gradual, but not very sensitive. Smoother cornering test results, where the controls are too vigilant. Two records: with the standard tyres on option, braking the Korean is valid as well to cold, much better than the Tivoli with the M + s. and finally consumption, good, not extraordinary: on average, after almost 14 km/l, while in town, without Stop Start & drops below 12.

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