2019 Volvo V90 D5 AWD Redesign, Test Drive, Specs

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 - Volvo
2019 Volvo V90 Price and Color Trims

2019 Volvo V90 D5 AWD Redesign, Test Drive, Specs – The Volvo brand and the word station wagon have been indissoluble for more than half a century. It is a fact because they were the Swedes who invented this type of bodywork and little curiosity do you know how his name was born? Once, when there were no cars for everyone, whoever arrived by train at the station was waiting for him in front of the station (station) large collective carriages very capacious (wagon) to carry the luggage. In short, the journeys and the spacious cars are in the Volvo’s DNA forever and the 2019 Volvo V90  represents the almost perfect evolution of the station wagons. With her, we organized a trip, which you can enjoy watching our photo gallery at the top. It starts from Copenhagen, Denmark, and goes back to Gothenburg, where there is the factory, going up along the Swedish coast. Not much, only 300 km, but immediately I notice that even if they were double or triple I descended from the v90 with the whole back and almost with the desire to start immediately.

2019 Volvo V90 Redesign Interior

It’s a matter of seats. At Volvo they know how to build with mastery respecting the ergonomics and human morphology, without any distinction of stature or body: they are all comfortable and serene on the 2019 Volvo V90, once adjusted to the best. I support and position perfectly to have everything under control, visual and main commands included. Besides these seats are made in a sturdy but very thin structure, not to steal space for the passengers behind. And the seats behind are among the most comfortable and spacious that you can imagine, with separate climate and perfect shape of the backrest, there is even ease to pass the legs. In the middle, there is a rather tall and cumbersome tunnel for the feet of a fifth passenger, but in the rest this v90 is AWD, all wheel drive, and the transmission shaft passes right there. The driving place to unsightly baffles a little, especially if you come from the Volvos of the past, but also from a German or a French, because the approach to the realization of the bridge and the various commands has followed a logic of the whole peculiar. By putting the man in the middle, the Volvo has developed the interface “Sensus”, which I have already seen and appreciated on the XC90.

As goes. On the highway that goes up to Gothenburg you can use the Pilot Assist guide that is now a standard for the Swedish house. It uses radar sensors, cameras, and radar to maintain speed, lane and safety distance with a remarkable accuracy, at least here where the horizontal signage is perfect and the limits do not change every 100 meters. Halfway between Malmo and Gothenburg, a coastal area full of small gulfs and beautiful coves, I stop for awhile because it’s time to take a look at the trunk. At the bottom, this is a familiar and the load capacity is everything. The finishes are perfect but the compartment is not measureless like the Volvos of the past (I had two and I can guarantee it), an even more pronounced disappointment if we consider the overall size of 4 meters and 94 in length: The testing center has enshrined 407 liters up to the windows.

2019 Volvo V90 Specs

The engine of 2019 Volvo V90 that made me company on this tour between Denmark and Sweden is the four-cylinder D5 from 235 hp Diesel, lively at the bottom even if the party ends soon, towards the 4000 laps. I think it’s not the right car for racing, but to grind the road, yes. From the evidence, data comes out a decent zero-hundred in 7.7 seconds. Its average consumption on the 300 km, respecting the limits, was 15 km/liter. It is not a reliable test such as that of the track, which has instead established a shorter road journey, of 13.5 km/liter. Consumption and capacity of the trunk are however the only weaknesses in a model that is very close to my ideal car.

2019 Volvo V90 Pros and Cons


2019 Volvo V90 Trunk Spaces
  • Security. The first level, as a tradition. And the implementation of the assisted Guide is at a very advanced stage.
  • Comfort and quality. Although interpreted to Swedish, so without grandstanding, they are five stars. A particular applause to the driver’s seat and to the seats.


  • Trunk. We expected it to be bigger, even if the modularity is remarkable. German competitors do better.
  • Consumption. A little higher than the average, especially in the city, where you get just above 11 km/litre, a value close to that of the XC90. The mass becomes felt.

*Basicly This car is 2018 Version

Picture Credit: Volvo

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