2019 Ssang Yong Korando Reviews; Is That Really Bad?

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 - SsangYong
2019 Ssang Yong Korando SUV Interior Capacity

2019 Ssang Yong Korando Reviews; Is That Really Bad? – We know her, the Ssangyong Kora, and we have already appreciated it. Recently a renewed series has been launched, particularly in the front, in the headlights (xenon, with LED daytime running lights), in the bumpers and in the interior (customizable). And she is the protagonist of the logbook this week, in Version 2.2 Limited, which has prices starting from 26,250 euros. As standard, the limited mounts the six-speed manual gearbox and the front wheel drive, but is available, on request, even with the six-gear Aisin automatic. Just what mounts the specimen that we drive, together with the full traction and the cool package, both optional that bring the final cost to the 32,955 euro.

Day 1. And here we are on board. The overall impression is good: just take a look at the controls, the materials of the plank, the soft upholstery of the pavilion. I mean, the cockpit knows well done. And then you are comfortable, sitting so high: the seat adjustments, here, are manual (there is also the height of the belt), on the other hand, are standard the heated front seats (and the guide side is also ventilated with the cool pack). The 2019 Ssang Yong Korando is a compact SUV, four meters long and 41. And it has a turbo diesel, the E-XDi220, from the ready and vigorous response, by virtue of the 400 nm of torque exploitable since the lowest RPM. For this in traffic the cue is good, in spite of the mass: it is reported only a bit of roughness, which increases as we approach the 4,000 laps (the long is normal). The guide is assisted by the automatic transmission of six-speed Aisin: It is rather gradual in drive and it shows sensitive to the pressure on the gas, and therefore enough reactive to climb through the kick down. It also has the sequential mode, but not with the paddles at the wheel, but thanks to the little practical lever on the selector, which allows the ascent of gear with the forward movement. Overall, the 2019 Ssang Yong Korando is easy to manage: The imprint is touristic, and it is noted in the steering not very precise and rather light at low speeds, in the wide excursion of the suspensions and in the tires M + S. Thanks to these and the full traction, however, the 2019 Ssang Yong Korando does not disdain the off-road routes. And it does not fear the frequent traps of our roads. Andrea Salsbury, drafting of road tests

The time of the easy ironies on certain cars is finished by a piece. It goes for the Skoda, anything but nailed under the sky of the “The Twins Ruggeri?”. And it goes for the Ssangyong, of which it was said that they had a brand more from television than by car, names from Jurassic Park (after the T-Rex, the Rexton) and forms, at least, questionable. Now everyone in the car world is damn serious. Koreans (South) in the head. The reproof comes from this new series of the 2019 Ssang Yong Korando, which inaugurates the new stylistic course of the house, evident especially in the front: different grille and more modern and LED daytime lights. That the air has changed it is understood immediately, sitting in the guide post: There is a perception of quality an unknown time, in this kind of products usually very concrete. Starting from the upholstery of the seats, it continues with the solid lever of the automatic gearbox (Aisin with six gears), continuous with equipment such as the automatic climate, the front camera for parking. Only the steering wheel, on the first, offers an unexplained feeling, as of something a bit ‘ slender: perhaps we have become accustomed to larger textures, on medium size SUVs. And it’s a confirmed feeling, as soon as you get in gear, from a certain lack of readiness, at least in the first stage of setting a curve. Nothing to say, on the other hand, on the 178 CV turbo diesel that pushes this top version: the torque (400 Nm) feels all and combined with the compact size alleviates the discomfort that, sometimes, the high wheel models arouse in the traffic of cities. Where, moreover, the Korando absorbs with ease holes and manholes by prolog of the Dakar, guaranteeing comfort. Moreover, this full-wheel version should, at least on paper, be able to face even more challenging obstacles. Emilio Deleidi, editor of Inquiries.

The impact with the Korando is not bad: with the restyling, the muzzle is made more gritty and current, with the daytime LED lights. The cockpit is also pleasant, thanks to the leather seats and the modern design plank. There is also the attention to detail, such as the lights in the exterior mirrors that illuminate the ground and the red ones in the door panels that indicate the opening at night. The multimedia system also includes the TomTom Navigator: Pity, however, that when the map is active you can not know what time it is because the clock is no longer displayed. This top version of the 2019 Ssang Yong Korando includes the automatic six-speed Aisin gearbox: a transmission from the old style “American” management, because of the classic selector PRND with the grid-shaped for the various positions and for the “free” behavior both in acceleration (the block of the converter intervenes late) is in release (the car advances almost in crowds). There is also the possibility to insert the reports manually, with a small lever that protrudes to the left of the shift knob: the selection is not lightning, but it is in the spirit of the car. It is also the steering: the less brilliant feature is the low sensitivity around the zero, the so-called “Hollow to the center”. It is well known by swinging the steering wheel straight: The Korando begins to change trajectory only when the angle of rotation is pronounced. On the other hand, the linearity of the answer is discreet. In short, this Korean SUV is not a car for lovers of the Beautiful guide, however, the diesel of 2.2 liters by 178 horses pushes well. Proportionally better, the comfort of running, even if the suspensions are not blameless on the disjointed, in the end, the best thing to do is to drive in a relaxed way, for the benefit of consumption: the indication of the computer on board has dropped from 9.3 to 8.4 liters/100 km on the usually mixed path passing from an aggressive driving style to a more attentive one. Roberto Boni, test/technique editorial

I return to the wheel of the protagonist of our logbook, on the occasion of a medium-haul motorway transfer. Well, the compact Korean SUV allowed me to make a day lighter on the challenging card. The high and comfortable driving position has certainly contributed to the comfort of March: Then, has made its part the good soundproofing, with the engine that remains in the background on the 2,200 laps in a drive to 130, with reduced aerodynamic hisses and a non-excessive rolling. With the sun behind me, I noticed, instead, some too much reflection on the instruments and on the central Monitor. Appreciably the couples of gear and, when I needed to ask everything and immediately for a overtake, the Kora 2.2 did not pull back. As for consumption, the board computer reported a range between 8.5 and 9 litres/100 km. Stressed on the subject, I’m going to talk about the six-speed automatic gearbox. On the highway, of course, everything OK, with a good response thanks to the kick down. Of course, it is an old-fashioned change, as the colleague Roberto Boni described in “Day 3”. We must not forget, however, that the 2019 Ssang Yong Korando, net of a good vivacity of the motor, has purely touristic nature, voted to grind Road, maybe at full load. And in this context, the change does its job, which is then to relieve the work of those who are behind the wheel (and, in an hour and pass of the tail, I got to appreciate it fully). It can be used in manual, I said, via the lever on the selector, but it is a more (and in manual performs the Kickdown). Exploiting in the drive, and adopting a regular guide, the automatic does what you expect, as to graduality and comfort. A final consideration in terms of habitability. Behind you are very comfortable in two with plenty of legroom, regardless of the height of the front seat and a comfortable central armrest with a drink holder. Good, finally, the space available to the luggage: lifting the bottom, instead of the spare wheel there are comfortably shaped mascots of different sizes. And in the presence of long objects, overturning the sofa (60:40) You get a well-leveled loading plane. Andrea Salsbury, drafting of road tests

2019 Ssang Yong Korando SUV Prices

It doesn’t have to be easy the life of the 2019 Ssang Yong Korando in Europe. The Korean SUV, in fact, must try to get wide in a segment that of the compact sports utilities-increasingly crowded and competitive. This does not mean that the 2019 Ssang Yong Korando, just renewed with a substantial restyling, renounces to be noticed, thanks to a series of “weapons” rather sharp.

The strength of the price. Its first point of strength is definitely the price-equipment ratio. The protagonist of our logbook in full-optional version costs 32,955 euros. A figure that is certainly not negligible, but it must be considered that in order to have a comparable set-up, complete with everything and more, the competitors exceed even 35 thousand euros without making too many compliments. Definitely more appetizing than the price of the base version, fixed at 20,550 euro. To appreciate the potential of the model so our advice remains to not exaggerate too much with the list of optional, so as to bring home a really tantalizing quote.

2019 Ssang Yong Korando Interior

The other ace in the channel of the 2019 Ssang Yong Korando is the size. With 4.41 m of length, the Korean is a little longer than an ateca and shorter than a Kia Sportage: Then it is placed in the heart of the segment, with unique proportions compared to competitors. The wheelbase of 2.65 m, then, guarantees an excellent habitability, especially behind, where there are no ventilation vents. Less surprising, instead, the trunk, which offers a capacity in the norm.

Warranty. It is true, it is not the only one to offer five years warranty. But it is a detail that in the purchase phase can make really the difference, especially if flanked by an inviting starting price like that of the Korando.
Consumption. The engine displacement of 2.2 liters must not be intimidated. This four-cylinder can be quite a park in consumption. During our short test, without ever exaggerating with the gas pedal, I managed to stay around 7.4 L/100 km. Not bad for a rather heavy SUV (1,740 kg), equipped with the automatic gearbox and full traction. To be considered for tax purposes, the power of 178 HP, since competitors also offer less powerful and therefore less honorable engines in terms of maintenance costs.

Off-road capacity. It is an increasingly rare dowry in this segment. The vast majority of models are designed for almost exclusively citizen use. The 2019 Ssang Yong Korando, however, do not disfigure when you put the wheels away from the asphalt, thanks to independent suspension rather refined (Macpherson front, multilink behind), full traction with the distribution of torque up to 50% at the rear and interesting attack and exit angles (22.6 ° and 28.3 °).

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