2019 Mercedes-Benz Class X Review; Special Pikup Truck From Mercy

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 - Mercedes
Mercedes Benz X Class Pickup Interior Pictures

2019 Mercedes-Benz Class X Review – After anticipating the concept, the X-class brings Mercedes-Benz to the pick-up industry debut. The model, born from the collaboration with the Renault-Nissan Alliance, offers design, finishes, and accessories in line with the German brand standards, thus distinguishing itself from most of the competition. After the preview at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the new 2019 Mercedes-Benz Class X will be marketed in Europe starting in November, with reference prices for the German market starting from 37,294 euros. In 2018 will also be proposed in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, while only in 2019 reach Brazil and Argentina. The production will be launched in the Nissan factory in Barcelona, while the models for Latin America will be produced in the Renault factory in Cordoba, Argentina.

Pure, progressive and power versions. With limited freedoms in the design of the central cell and the body area, the 2019 Mercedes-Benz Class X is in the tail and especially in the frontal its characterizing elements. The grille with the star and the double rib on the bonnet are distinctive elements, but also the LED optical groups contribute to making the model unique. Customers can choose from three different class X variants: The rugged pure, the sleek progressive and the urban sports power. To distinguish these models there are different external finishes: rough bumpers for pure, painted for progressive and with chrome profiles for power.

2019 Mercedes-Benz Class X Interior

The interior is pure Mercedes-Benz style and accessories. The cockpit recalls the design seen on the concept: the analog instrumentation and the central tablet (up to 8.4 inches for the comand online with 3d navigation and live traffic information) resume the style of Mercedes-Benz cars and in particular of Class C, while the central console hosts the unreleased double vents and secondary controls, including the traditional auto-change lever and the rotating control with the infotainment touchpad. Different finishing levels and various colour combinations are planned, including skin coatings, with a range of options much higher than the segment average. The progressive and power versions can also count on several specific options, both for finishes and accessories on request, among which we find style bar, side bar, covers for the rear compartment and also a specific hardtop. It also completes the provision of assistive devices such as active brake assist, Lane keeping assist, trailer stability assist and traffic sign assist.

2019 Mercedes-Benz Class X Engine Specs

4 and 6 cylinders diesel. On the occasion of the European commercial launch, the 2019  Mercedes-Benz Class X will be available in versions 2.3 diesel X 220 D from 163 hp and x 250 D from 190 hp, while the V6 diesel will be introduced in the course of the 2018 and will bring in dowry the dynamic select with driving modes comfort, eco, sport, manual and offroad. The 4matic full traction and rear wheel drive versions will also add to the next year the permanent 4WD system on the V6. There is a choice between 6-speed manual gearbox and seven-gear automatic transmission. On some markets, such as Dubai and Morocco, a 165 hp gasoline engine will also be proposed. At the moment the origin of the propellers has not been specified: The 2.3 diesel should be the same unit as the Nissan Navara, from which the platform is derived, while the V6 does not yet have certain information. For all versions, It is envisaged the adoption of specific adjustments of the trim with independent suspension, so as to offer a level of comfort in line with the Mercedes-Benz standards. On request, it will also be possible to obtain a raised variation of 20 mm.

One euro-pallet in the body and 3.5 tons of tow. Beyond the performance and consumption data, not yet widespread, the Mercedes-Benz insists on technical information crucial to the target clientele of this pickup: the capacity is equal to 1.1 tons, while the towing ability reaches 3.5 tons. The wheelbase of 3,150 mm also allows balancing the comfort on board and space in the rear compartment. The rear flap offers the opening at 90 degrees, but ordering the vehicle without the rear bumper you can reach the 180 degrees. The rear compartment can accommodate a Euro-pallet and is equipped with lighting and a standard 12-volt socket.

Mercedes Benz X 2019 Class Engine Specifications

2019 Mercedes-Benz Class X Review; Special Pikup Truck From Mercy Pictures

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