2019 Mclaren Hyper GT; Hybrid Exclusive Supercar For 2019

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 - McLaren
2019 McLaren Hyper GT Concept, Specs Leaked

2019 Mclaren Hyper GT Hybrid, aerodynamics, exclusive: 106 units will be built in. It will be the most powerful and aerodynamic McLaren ever: that’s how the Wokingconstructor defines the new Hyper GT, the model that will take the place of P1 to the top of the hierarchical ladder of the House. The car, the result of the BP23 project, is taking shape around the original idea of a three-seat cabin (quote taken from the F1of Gordon Murray) and a hybrid powertrain, already on the current model.

106¬†how many were the F1. The design and implementation of Hyper GT will be completely taken care of by the McLaren Special Operations Department. A non-random choice of ala dedicated to tailor cars: BP23 (acronym indicating the second project of the Department “bespoke”, and that the three-seater cabin) will be a limited edition of only 106 specimens, all already booked. And this is another link with the legendary McLaren F1 of the years 90, that was produced in the same series.

Deliveries in 2019. Customers of the cars, which will define the characteristics of each specimen along with the MSO Department to make it a unique creation, 2019 Mclaren Hyper GT will Be Sent to The Customer starting in 2019. The Price of This Supercar is Still unknown.

2019 Mclaren Hyper GT; Hybrid Exclusive Supercar For 2019 Pictures

McLaren Hyper GT 2019 Photos2019 McLaren Hyper GT Concept, Specs Leaked