2018 Toyota Supra Release Date, Spy Photos

Friday, September 9th, 2016 - Toyota

2018 Toyota Supra Release Date, Spy Photos – The New Supra comes out. In anticipation of the debut of Toyota Supra in 2018, built on a platform shared with BMW road tests began.

Toyota Supra Released on 2018?

he spoke since 2012 and now finally you show on the road for the first time. The fifth generation of Toyota Supra, heir of a dynasty will be cancelled in 2002, begins testing in anticipation of the debut expected in 2018. A first example of the car was photographed covered with heavy camuffature, under which one can see the basic proportions. The images published from Caranddriver show a two seater car, slender and compact overall size, which incorporates some elements of the prototype Toyota FT-1 (below), which will inspire the final appearance.

Engine Specs and Technology of Toyota Supra

the mechanical outline of 2018 Supra will be front-engine and rear-wheel, in the best tradition of this model. The framework was developed in collaboration with BMW which will use it for heir of the Z4, which is also waiting in about two years. The Alliance allows two homes to share a portion of development costs by making it possible to manufacture two models that otherwise would not have existed. But while the new Z4 will be a classic spider canvas roof the Toyota Supra will be offered only with the classic coupé bodywork. Source BMW engines will not be, as originally hypothesized: rumors speak of a less powerful versions 4-cylinder and a V6 bi-turbo with about 400 HP for those at the top, both developed by Toyota. The presence of a version with hybrid propulsion is highly likely given the experience of the Japanese on the subject. Spy images show partly also the interiors of Toyota Supra (below). Hard to say how much they are final, but the imprint of steering wheel, BMW seems obvious and central console.

Toyota Supra Made in Asutria?

Rumors coming from the Austrian press indicate that the new 2018 Supra (together with the next BMW Z4) will be built by Magna, important company specialized in assembling components for third parties, to Graz in Austria with a total volume of approximately 60,000 units per year.

2018 Toyota Supra Pictures Gallery

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photo by Caranddriver

2018 Toyota Supra Release Date, Spy Photos Pictures