2018 Suzuki Baleno Review, Dimension, Interior

Friday, April 7th, 2017 - Suzuki
2018 Suzuki Baleno Reviews

We are Testing The 2018 Suzuki Baleno. Just a few months away from “normal” Heartbeat test (full test on Quattroruote may 2016), we reported the compact Suzuki on the track, for a very simple reason: If the already cheap gasoline 90 1.2 HP had deserved 5 stars to the item consumption, is now in the hybrid version, what you could get with the hybrid version? At first we were a little skeptical because this is not a “full hybrid” capable of pushing at least for short distances with the only electric traction (such as Toyota, for instance), but a “mild hybrid” reminiscent of the Start of Peugeot-Citroen to Stop evolved and a few years ago, those withe-HDi which was then sidelined for economic reasons. Well, however simple and technologically advanced, not the Shvs surprised positively. And, at a price of 1,000 euros, becomes in some cases very interesting.

Outsider spacious. The Heartbeat from the beginning proves to possess several qualities. Eldest sister of Swift, with its four meters, long becomes the perfect rival of Stung, Fiesta, Clio, and race, but 2018 Suzuki Baleno gives the feeling of being bigger. And in fact is able to offer an unrivaled roominess and trunk. In General, it is not up to the best competitors because of some plastics are rigid and simplicity of the Interior, but the arrangement B-Top, like the one on probation, has a series of the in-depth adjustable steering wheel and a 7-inch touch screen. Not lacking either the automatic air conditioning and power Windows rear: in short, follows the philosophy of Suzuki and other oriental Houses offer basic versions quite basic, without much choice of optional, accompanied by an all-inclusive little customizable, but more than adequate and, all in all, pretty cheap.

2018 Suzuki Baleno Test Drive, Fuel Economy

If the aspirated 1.2 manages to push with the right serve this car not tiny, most of this is due to the mass contained: even with the addition of the battery (under the driver’s seat) and the hybrid system weighs the alternator test center stops at 1,031 kg (just 12). The electric, which appears in the display of instrumentation, help with its 3-4 HP cranking, but its performance is, in fact, remain similar to the petrol version. What improves, however, are the runs. Especially in cities, where the internal combustion engine shuts down below 15 per hour and restarts without vibrations after I press the clutch. The media, in traffic, increased from 17.2 to 18.8 km/liter. Which would mean a savings of about 80 cents per 100 km. Ultimately, to pay the 1,000 euros of SHVS takes about 150,000 km, many for a car in this class. Ultimately, convenience must be sought elsewhere. For example in facilities that depend on local government. In Milan, for example, you enter free in area C, while in other cities parking stripes on blue without paying. And at that point, the advantage is immediate.

2018 Suzuki Baleno Review, Dimension, Interior Pictures

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