2018 Subaru Updates, From Forester to WRX as they go in the snow

Sunday, January 29th, 2017 - Subaru
2018 Subaru levorg release date

There is no better place for Finnish expanses of white, to get behind the wheel of a 2018 Subaru. If then, unique opportunity, the Japanese, famous for its beaches, puts at your disposal for a whole day across the spectrum, there is a lot of fun seriously, in addition to having the opportunity to do some interesting comparison with family in the snow. Also because we counted at least three different all-wheel-drive system (Symmetrical Awd), each with definable features and adaptable to the vocation of each model.

It starts with the Forester Suv. And so, given that the programme as a first step a peaceful transfer to the icy slopes of the test centre that will be the scene of our testing here in Lapland, we decide to start the parade of 2018 Subaru with the reassuring sport utility Forester, although our exemplary cell in the hood a 2 litre turbo petrol for more than 240 horses is anything but quiet. Now you can appreciate the beautiful place Guide, very broad and very comfortable (quality common to all Subaru), though, in his case, without an effective lateral support. Departing, partially frozen in the snow, the Forester have a nice grip. On the other hand, at the first corner turns like it was on a rail and down the descent brakes with unexpected security before a stop sign. Reassured by the behavior of the car on the low grip, the next straight, we exploit the steering wheel of the Lineartronic automatic gearbox, to pit the first four matches, rediscovering a fluidity unknown to other continuously variable transmissions (CVT). Her answer sports cannot be defined, but it is certainly very agreeable and particularly suited to this terrain. The good is the combination with the Awd system Active Torque Split, where a central transfer case electronically controlled multiple is tasked to vary torque distribution between the front wheels instantly and those behind, 60-40 ratio normally defrayed in accordance with the. The procedure is quick, easily perceptible, but in tight corners you can feel the tendency of the muzzle to widen.

With the Outback in the snow. The phenomenon even more pronounced on the Outback, the first car that we experience on the slopes. Her reactions are not very quick, but the general feeling of safety you get behind the wheel is never marred: highly effective electronic controls, which on this ground speakers with the right decision.

On the Levorg with Lineartronic. Let us now turn to the 2018 Subaru Levorg, a wagon with a sporty, which has the only limit not to rely on a diesel engine. For this model, the Japanese developed a new petrol 1,600 obviously boxer, which is paired with the Lineartronic Exchange, which, as we said, is continuously variable type, but with the particularity, when the accelerator pedal is pressed more than 35% of its travel, to simulate the operation of a fixed six-speed. The solution that has its advantages for this Fund, which requires quick, precise and at the same time sweetness in maneuvers. The Levorg was pretty good even on a path in powder designed amid the larch forest adjacent to the test tracks, where Forester and Outback have had more opportunities to highlight their potential from sports utility.

The 15TH with three differentials. Now is the turn of 2018 Subaru XV, who with manual transmission uses another version of Awd system: three differentials, the central one with viscous coupling limited slip function. In normal grip conditions (so without interference from the viscous coupling) the allocation of torque is uniform at 50% between front and rear. The car is very well balanced, especially for this Fund.

2018 Subaru Updates forester review

The extreme WRX. However, if you are looking for something extreme, you can’t do anything but climb aboard the 2018 Subaru WRX, a concentrate of technology that gives you the possibility to change the behavior of the car, speaking with a command inside the cockpit on the torque distribution between the axles, which under normal conditions is routed to 59% 41% front and behind. A choice that already tells us much of the vocation of this exhilarating car. Its Multi mode Dccd (Driver’s control center differential) is on top of pull-ups integrals 2018 Subaru. Formed by the combination of a mechanical limited-slip system and a

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