2018 Skoda Octavia RS Review, Specs, Test Drive

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017 - Skoda

The Redesign/Facelift team of Skoda Octavia is completed by the advent of 2018 Skoda Octavia RS and Scout versions. Despite what suggests the same aesthetic and that makeup, too, can take on the most advanced technologies in support of driving and safety, as well as related to generation connectivity, stand apart from the rest of the family for solutions designed to facilitate their missions. In fact, the first offers the possibility of venturing out of the asphalt, and the second the favors. Scout and RS, however, are United by some solutions such as enlargement of the rear track, 3 cm in the case of the first and 3.8 cm in the second, as well as the adoption of the latest evolution of the all-wheel drive. The latter is always handled by a clutch controlled by electronics and, in essence, is the generation 5.0 of Haldex, but since went under control of the Borg Warner, has not yet been renamed.

The DSG expands the action RADIUS. Than ever before, the 2-litre turbo diesel driven to Scout with 150 HP, now, is also available with a dual-clutch gearbox. Has seven gears, but even on demand offers the possibility to manually select the relationship with paddles on the steering wheel. This, then, is manageable only with the selector, but the handling, as on all VW Group cars, continues to be linked to acts contrary to the direction of travel: that is, to scale the moves backward and forward to change. In any case, put to the test the engine and gearbox a pleasant performance, due as much to the appreciable elasticity and good responsiveness to commands, as substantial forces which are experiencing from as little as 1,500 rpm. The fluidity of dispensing progressions and slowdown is reflected positively on the front of the seats, although in the latter stages of acceleration is a bit dented little tone harmonious with which he expresses the turbodiesel Teutonic in origin.

2018 Skoda Octavia RS SUV Test Drive

On and off-road is always comfortable. The new Scout offers a dynamic that differs from that of the previous much when he faces off-roading in a light (exploiting the off-road setting), where not only the trim 3 cm high than that of inbred but also the angle of rear exit expanded up to 14.5°, elevate the risk of tripping on the irregularities of the Fund, as well as on the road. The adoption on both axles of XDS electronic limited slip rear + and wide track, together with the good qualities of the Steering and the speed with which is distributed traction from front to rear, determine a more homogeneous than in the past, greater accuracy in cornering and perseverance in maintaining the trajectory. In essence, especially on winding routes, handling is more instinctive and less influenced by the temptation of the mezzanine floor of yielding to the enticings of the roll.

Sportsmanship, but only as turbodiesel. These are not really noticeable when driving the sporty RS, thanks to lowered by 1.5 cm, compared to that of Octavia quieter, and more rigorous mode setup of the suspension if, of course, you opt for electronic ones present on the specimen tested. Unlike the inbred with garments cross-country, the RS is only available with the 2-litre turbo diesel of 184 HP (also falls into the ranks of Scout) and is offered not only in the all-wheel-drive Wagon version but also a front-wheel-drive sedan. The latter with six-speed DSG gearbox, in this case integrated as standard by paddles on the steering wheel, it also delivers a car configuration system intended to hem in the character of the car driving style and driving conditions, which affect with the Sport mode on the tone with which he expresses the engine, although without harmonize too. The 2018 Skoda Octavia RS wield a polyvalent temperament able to field both appreciable elasticities is convincing thrusts up to more than 4,000 rounds when he sinks the accelerator. Of course you should not expect outbursts and performance similar to those that may offer RS 2.0 TFSI from 230 HP, that is currently not in Italy, but if necessary the harmony between the demands of the engine and chassis responses cause driveability that may intrude on the fun, especially if you use paddles to vary report and avoid abrupt slowdown, of being a little “sottogiri” at the time of dose. Then, progressive steering that offers adequate feedback in all circumstances and the work of rigorous and effective behavior XDS + determine which does not impose even too many sacrifices to comfort level.

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