2018 Seat Ateca Reviews, Interior, Prices and Release Date

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 - Seat
2018 Seat Ateca Dimensions

2018 Seat Ateca Reviews, Interior, Prices and Release Date – On the road the Spanish SUV is noted immediately. The front is reminiscent of Leon, but it is as if it was redesigned in another dimension. The side is characterized by two ribs: the first, full length, island, so to speak, the cockpit from the rest of the car, while the second, much wider and deeper, obtained just above the sill, gives tone and personality to the whole and, with the large wheel a little squared, confers to seat Ateca a peculiar physiognomy.

2018 Seat Ateca Interior

Commands in the right place. On board, you can breathe a nice atmosphere. The environment, more in the Teutonic style than Latin, perhaps is not hot, but still remains cozy. The saddlery, of fabric with the rib of the shoulders of different material, is well realized, and it is a moment to find the right position of driving, thanks to the adjustments (manual) wide and precise enough for the seat and the steering wheel. It is sitting high, but not too much, with the legs semidiscrete and the steering wheel not overly inclined. Ultimately, a more sporty position than an SUV, underlined by the high tunnel, from which a shorter shift lever is used. Behind is the driving experience knob, with which you can choose between six different driving profiles: Four for road, Normal, sport, eco and individual, and two for the one on slippery or particularly difficult (snow and off road) funds. The other commands are grouped in an orderly manner on the console, where the 8-inch touch screen of the new multimedia system stands out.

Sporty traits. The performance is interesting. Thanks also to the mass contained (1,659 kg under test conditions with the pilot on board), the 2018 Seat Ateca buys speed quickly. The feeling is to be behind the wheel of a more agile and lively car than the appearance might suggest. and fun, well-to-see. The merit is also a little more rigid and braking of the norm which, consequently, results in rapid and decisive reactions. The steering is not ready, but not as slow as on many competitors. In other words, there is the right speed that allows you to go from one curve to another without having to regret being behind the wheel of a lower car.

2018 Seat Ateca Comfort and Fuel Consumption

Comfort and consumption. As for the comfort, the Spanish SUV does not disappoint, whether it is to cross a city or to travel a thousand kilometers in a day. The trim, as already remembered, is a more rigid thread than usual, but still able to filter pretty well the roughness of the road. Better before, to tell the truth, less behind, where, however, comes some jolt of too much when you pass on the most obvious disconnections. The cockpit, then, is well insulated and the noise, more than anything else due to the rolling of tires and some aerodynamic rustle, remains far away. So the kilometers flow away well, without apparent fatigue. It is only a pity that the consumption, accomplices of the integral traction, the rubber extralarge and the aerodynamics not very favorable, are not so contained. In the city, there is just over 14 km with a liter of diesel, which descends to 13 in the highway.

2018 Seat Ateca Release Date and Specs

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