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Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 - Renault
2018 Renault Grand Scenic Redesign and Changes

The protagonist of our logbook this week is the 2018 Renault Grand Scénic, here in the energy Bose setting, starting from 35,150 euros. 4 meters long and 63, wide 1.87, high 1.66 and with a pitch of 2 meters and 80, the French growth mounts standard alloy rims of 20 inches, can accommodate up to seven passengers and offers a load capacity between 189 and 2,100 liters. Under the bonnet of the test specimen there is a 1.6 dci from 160 hp to 4,000 rpm and 360 nm of maximum torque at 1,750 rpm, combined with the double clutch EDC with six ratios.

2018 Renault Grand Scénic Reviews and Test Drive

According to the House accelerates from 0-100 in 10.7 seconds and touches the 200 km/h of maximum speed. The equipment is really rich in all the points of view (scrolling the list are very few options that you can add) and includes, among other things: Bose audio system, cruise control, Hill Start assist, front and rear parking sensors, Bizone automatic air conditioning and emergency braking systems with pedestrian detection. Without forgetting all the features of the well-known R-Link2 infotainment system, with 8.7-inch touch screen, and multi-sense technology.

Found that this 2018 grand Scénic is a lounge on wheels, we enter into the detail of some of its technological and dynamic features. To dominate the cockpit is the big tablet with 8.7 inch touch screen R-Link 2, through which you can control all the settings of the car. Easy and intuitive, it allows to adjust infotainment, safety systems and on-board comfort. Everywhere there are comfortable compartments and storage pockets, first of all the cockpit in front of sliding armrest, really deep and spacious. After starting the 160 hp 1.6 DCI of the French Multispace, using the Start button located to the right of the You can “hack” with the multi-sense system, which allows you to select between five driving modes: Comfort, eco, sport, neutral and lost (which is for custom), each paired with a choreographic colouring of the cockpit and digital speedometer. After a few minutes in echo I do not resist the temptation and I click on Sport, although I know that this car did not ambitions from high and it does not possess the aerodynamic qualities.

His “work”, however, performs it in an excellent way: the suspensions stiffen and the engine becomes considerably more responsive, as well as the double clutch gearbox that attenuates the annoying pause that is felt in the restarting or in sudden accelerations. In the ring road and on the motorway (the natural habitat of this eater) you travel to the Great (merit also of the excellent soundproofing) and the practice overtaking is hurried in fluency. The rich endowment of this version of the 2018 Grand Scénic includes numerous safety and driving assistance systems: emergency braking with pedestrian detection, audible and luminous warning for the blind angle, maintenance of Active lane (in case of skid the steering wheel vibrates and is automatically straightened by the system, which puts the car back on track), detection of the fatigue of the driver and the useful cruise control adaptive , thanks to which, once the desired speed is set, the car slows down or accelerates depending on the car above and the traffic conditions.

To finish in beauty my “guided” today, active the massage function of the seat trying the three types available: “Tonifico”, “relaxing” or “lumbar”. So, my arrival at home is definitely more enjoyable. Once in the box, I control the consumption: for the 90 km of my route the display signals six litres for 100 kilometers, almost 17 km with a litre.

2018 Renault Grand Scenic Engine fuel economy

This time I touch an espace. What? It’s not an espace, but a scénic? So great that, almost, I’m struggling in the box? Oh yes, things have changed. To the point that the espace of the once, the mother of all the minivans (to the European, at least), if you put it alongside this grandson, it seems little more than a utilitarian. I a little, agree: But that the scénic, especially in this grand seven-seater version, has grown a lot, is a fact. And little in common, the car that I am in my hands, also has the first series of the compact minivan of Renault, the one that made the fortune of the French house (or perhaps, at some point, simply saved it). Therefore, the taste of quasi-flagship, when you install it seated well at the top of the wheel, you warn him: It will also be for skin coatings, perhaps for the rich (even if not really intuitive) tablet that enriches the plank.

And the perception is strengthened when you put in a way and enter a motorway junction: the noise of diesel, which pushes vigorous, disappears, remains the one-and not little-aerodynamic, son of a frontal section that is the one that is, large mirrors included. In any case, comfort is not discussed: You feel ready to devour miles, hundreds. Merit also of the double clutch gearbox, sometimes not ready (for example, in the restartings, to the car not completely stopped: In case, to say, of a roundabout), but perfectly suited to the nature of the car. Which seems to me above all by great routière: by car, that is, that does not make the road feel, distances, fatigue. To you and your passengers. Better be four, though: because the two more than the third row, of space seem to have just a little bit. Emilio Deleidi, editor of Inquiries

“Centuries have passed” since the last time I climbed on a scénic. If it is almost assumed that, over time and the introduction of new technologies, a car gets better practically in all the points of view, I must admit that the jump here is not only generational. Even comparing the interiors of this 2018 Renault grand Scénic with the relatively recent ones of my Mégane III, I find the qualitative leap made by the French house evident. And not so much because the Renault of the past years were poorly made or overly spartan, but precisely because, with the latest models, it seems more clear the willingness to approach their cars to the premium ones. Of course, the energy Bose is the top set-up of the range, but the rich equipment and the upholstery, pleasant even to the touch, give the environment a feeling of refinement so far tarnished of more noble brands.

In addition to the excellent and very intuitive R-Link2 infotainment, easily manageable through the classic vertical touch tablet or through voice commands, there are some goodies like the passenger side drawer that opens with a touch button or the automatic tilting system of the rear sofa and the two additional seats (one touch), which contribute to increase the pleasantness and versatility. In addition, the load threshold is low and, in case of long objects, the plane that is obtained by breaking the backs is perfectly level. In March, then, I was struck by the trim, which offers the right compromise between comfort and sportsmanship, a nice result considering the wheels and alloy rims of 20 “(standard). Pity just for the steering, a bit too “light” in gear; Very good, however, braking, incisive but well modulated

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