2018 Mercedes C 350e SW Review

Sunday, February 5th, 2017 - Mercedes
2018 Mercedes C 350e SW interior features

2018 Mercedes C 350e SW Review – The Mercedes-Benz C-class estate protagonist of diary this week is the plug-in hybrid version, called 2018 Mercedes C 350e SW. This version is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder direct-injection gasoline from 211 HP and 350 Nm of torque and a 60 kW electric powertrain and 340 Nm, which together provide 279 HP and 600 Nm and send the bike to the rear wheels through the 7 g-Tronic seven-speed automatic transmission. The 6.4 kWh lithium-ion battery, rechargeable in approximately two hours with an electrical outlet, offers an electric motor with power reserve only 31 km (measured value in the Nedc approval cycle) and the consumption of gasoline amounted to 2.3 liters declared/100 km. The list of 2018 Mercedes C 350e SW Automatic Executive departs from 51,626 euros.

Driving a plug-in hybrid is an experience that, in some ways, it might look a bit surreal. Most mortals, for decades used to small car routines (first of all the “brum brum” petrol or diesel engines, they now considered the cause of all evil) may reasonably feel disoriented. But you just take a little hand (and ear) to be projected into another dimension. What, like it or not, represents the future of the world of four wheels (populated by hybrid cars, but also by electric). Given this premise, I remove the plug from the baluster and I already have the first surprise: is a snap. Since my colleagues have already told just about everything about this Mercedes C350e Class, I will focus only on some details. Once boarded and adjusted the seat, from the start menu, nor do I get in return pigio the total silence. If it weren’t for the indications of the instrument I could swear that the motor is still off. All electric mode I get the same feeling when I stop at traffic lights, when I press auto in the face an expression dead with a question mark on the head: “but the engine is on or off?”. After a few km in the city and the ring road, Eco mode, the temptation to try the draw length is too great: the urge is there and is also quite powerful, but I confess that by the cavalry supplied (total 279 HP, although data from the mixture of petrol engine and battery motor), however, I would have expected a bit of panache. Details, as I announced. Especially considering that anyone who buys this car doesn’t burn the green at traffic lights or drifting races. Useful and impressive 360° camera, very effective adaptive cruise control as well as the lane-keeping system that in the event of heeling transmits strong vibrations at the wheel. Only the boot leaves me a bit puzzled. Given the size of the car I would have expected a greater capacity (450 dm3 comes to 1,470 reducing seats), but evidently the compartment has been somewhat sacrificed to make room for batteries

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What can come up to someone like me, who for forty years and more lives (also) Formula 1, when they say they will drive a Mercedes hybrid? Reply all too easy: Hamilton, Rosberg and three years of domination in Grand Prix thanks to a power unit (ok, not just that) can’t be beat. Instead, when then go get it in the parking lot, are a “normal” class C Station Wagon with the cable attached to the recharging … Put it this way: while waiting for it to arrive the announced Stuttgart technology hypercar f. 1 and 1,000 HP, we consider the fact that, in the field of hybrid, the gentlemen who designed this dual propulsion family something they need to know. Ready to go, then: since it is a plug-in, I’m pulling the plug (which, incidentally, that does not have the least problems), I place the cable in the trunk (where there would also be the case) and I press the starter button, obtaining in Exchange a total silence. You have to get used to, to hybrid cars. Electric-only mode at their initial action: which means no wait while subdued ticking that inevitably produce engines powered by petroleum and insert the same Drive mode of transmission (here, with leverage at the wheel), to finally begin to move. Get used to the Hybrid Mercedes, however, does not mean only this: there are two other aspects that require a minimum of familiarity. The first is valuable for the recovery of braking energy, but “different” as in all vehicles equipped with these systems. Certainly not less effective but, somehow, “filtered”, unnatural, digital. The second, is the accelerator pedal that, on this 2018 Mercedes C 350e SW, is haptic. I’ll spare you the search in the dictionary: in ancient Greek, the word meant “come into contact with something”. Today, by extension, it refers to the sens.

And if for once we were talking about details? That is, those details, sometimes tiny, which inevitably escape the grips of contact spots, like those of logbooks. All deviating from the strict rule of objectivity of Quattroruote, to enter the field of personal taste. Mine. So much so that I write here immediately the expression: “in my opinion”. You do realize to read it in each of the following rows. We then agree or not with this choice is obviously part of the game. As well as some predictable “whatever”. Beginning from then the steering wheel: between the keys on the 2018 Mercedes C 350e SW Automatic Executive is to Mute, who already likes: don’t immediately blocks the sound, but it lowers gradually for about one second. Are the functions of tuning to radio stations, so you should ask the big tunnel topped Controller beaked (I think unnecessary duplication, as here you can use to write with fingers Navigator addresses). Or you must press the four buttons on the left of the steering column to access its submenu. Complicated. The station search Fm – the review sample there is the Dab-is great and very fast, since I just go with the pick whip icon to tune. On the other hand, convinces me much less double row menu, above and below the function indicated: you have to “rotellare” to go wherever they want. And while we’re on the infotainment tell my the sound system: good definition and excellent cut bass frequencies up to volumes supported, but “pumping” you lose enough, because of the very small diameter woofers mounted high up on the door instead of at the bottom. This however allows also large pockets on front doors (the compartment in the tunnel is very large and well done). You have to get used to the change column. There are the paddle, but those few who prefer hack manual lever-sequential (really exist?) always have to put on a cross. At this point the text I wrote is already well beyond the expected length from scathing internet head. Even at the cost of retaliation, though, I can’t help but point out the spring free with a click of the window. I don’t know why but I like it a lot

2018 Mercedes C 350e SW mpg

What is left to say after a colleague how Alli Balogun opened the week with a logbook so precise and exhaustive? Well, actually, judging by your comments, performance and the raison d’etre of a hybrid as the 2018 Mercedes C 350e SW doubts did arise. I try to unravel the skein. Official power declared by the House of the two motors (Systemleistung) is of 205 kW (279 HP) and 600 Nm of torque, point. Probably our online list contains an error that I will hasten to report, including the failure in a sedan version, which instead is there. Overall, thanks to the considerable mass, all these horses feel little, but patience, as the 2018 Mercedes C 350e SW is not born to do sprints, but to bring plug-in technologies that are already in the class S for a segment more “popular” (so to speak). And isn’t that the House with the star’s putting it out there a random experiment: is well aware that the rules for diesels will impose no way out a hybrid changeover quickly (for smaller engines, so for less famous brands, the process has already started for some time). No mention of a year, but not even ten. Having said that, who could be the client-type of a 2018 Mercedes C 350e SW ? For sure will attract the interest of major fleet-manager that, maybe at European level, are reviewing policies for large car fleets, which will necessarily “de-dieselizzati”. And from this point of view the results of Alli Balogun, though apparently not brilliant in “batteries” are still good average, far better than you can get with a two-litre petrol of equal power. The driving experience is made, I like the idea of the Accelerator “haptic” (Bosch design). Small vibrations under your right foot to indicate when you can crush and when is it better to desist — all for the purpose of reducing consumption. I find this solution smarter and perceptible from the various “eco-meter” instrumentation, although you must do some habit. A further report on charging batteries: as you know, the effectiveness of an accumulator is strongly influenced by temperature and the 31 km declared from the House in purely electric mode can only be obtained through a process at a temperature of 20° c. In my case I couldn’t fully charging outside with zero degrees and the km “electric” did not go over the 24.

2018 Mercedes C 350e SW Specs

We wrote (and proven) so many times that the declared consumption is always optimistic, especially about plug-in hybrid, to which the rules “offer” the journey made in electrical (I mentioned it in an article published in January, at page 192 & track). I’m so curious to see how it behaves this Mercedes. First connect the car to our recharging: the levy is 16 Amps, allowing you to recharge your battery in about an hour and a half. When, in the evening, I put myself behind the wheel, battery operating time indicated on the display of instrumentation is equal to 27 km. I decide to drive in order to consume as little as possible, and then reset the onboard computer, I select the Eco mode and childbirth. The four-cylinder engine starts up immediately, but after a few meters you mutes and slide towards the ring road without making any noise. The acceleration to place myself in the traffic stream wakes up the petrol, that he falls asleep once they reach cruising speed and then wake up as soon as you hit a little on gas. Job anyway to maximize battery power (which is consumed for heating the passenger compartment) and I keep the light foot, though, after some twenty kilometers the battery runs out and the car starts to behave like a normal hybrid, with the help of the electric starting, and recovery of energy release. After 33 km (11 more than usual, all in Beltway) arrival at destination and the trip computer indicates an average consumption of gasoline by 3.4 l/100 km (29.4 km/liter) to an average of 45 km/h along 22 km with engine off. The proof of my foot being in “eco” indicator light totally green. The return trip, with the dead battery, but always with the same saving guide in town and on the highway (with traffic), is 22 km long, the average speed is virtually identical (44 km/h) but consumption has risen to 8.2 l/100 km (12.2 km/liter) and the distance covered with the engine off is only six kilometres.

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