2018 Mercedes-Benz EQ Review; Nice Electric SUV

Sunday, February 5th, 2017 - Mercedes
2018 Mercedes-Benz EQ reviews

The electric is the future and for that Mercedes-Benz has created the brand new 2018 Mercedes-Benz EQ, unveiled with great fanfare at the Paris Motor Show along with the concept of a zero-emission Suvs. From here to the testing of prototypes on road is a short step, since already in 2019 should be available early series.

In Scandinavia the future 2018 Mercedes-Benz EQ. The images that we offer are for a forklift modified a GLC Coupè, apparently used to test the modular platform on which 2018 Mercedes-Benz EQ models will be developed. The Eva, denomination not yet official, but highly likely knowing the logic of the German House, will be dedicated exclusively to zero-emission models, a choice in line with those already made by competitors BMW and Volkswagen.

The forklift has the likeness of GLC Coupe. The GLC Coupe of pictures are then just a cover. The symbolic picture is the hood open, with elements that are not defined but definitely with overall lower than traditional endothermic unit. The body was then adapted to a platform that takes action clearly different: bumpers are changed, but it is mostly the area of miniskirts, widespread downward, betraying the presence of batteries. The latter remained in the bumper templates of tailpipes, but this is obviously a purely aesthetic detail.

Next to another prototype EV electrified. Among the images received in writing along with those of the GLC Coupe, there are also some shots of a GLC resembling much closer to the standard product. Except that it’s a second forklift electric platform, given the lack of standard batteries below the floor, emerges from the start an important clue: the windshield is indeed present the logo that distinguishes electrified models. Looking for the classic home recharge plug, which Mercedes-Benz is located on the rear bumper, you don’t get any results, leaving open several hypotheses about the nature of the prototype.

2018 Mercedes-Benz EQ interior photos

2018 Mercedes-Benz EQ Review; Nice Electric SUV Pictures

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