2018 jaguar XF Test Drive; A week with 180Hp Sport Coupe

Monday, January 16th, 2017 - Jaguar
2018 Jaguar XF r release date

2018 jaguar XF Test Drive – This week the diary covers the Jaguar XF. The big British sedan, that compares with the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-class, has prices ranging from 44,220 euros. But to put in your garage a 2.0 d 180 HP AWD R-Sport like the one we are talking about unplug a check for at least 56,280 euro, soaring if you put your hand on the rich list of optional.

2018 jaguar XF Test Drive

Here in the Newsroom the 2018 jaguar XFis an old acquaintance. At the time of the first series (launched in 2007) we appreciated for a long time, because we ran a durability test of 100,000 km with V6 turbodiesel. Remembrance Service trips for nothing strenuous, thanks to the quietness of the 6 cylinder three liters, the comfort of the suspension and the elegance of the Interior. This second edition has been completely revamped, starting from the shell, aluminum now, which has made it possible to reduce the weight of 190 kg, well and engines: in the hood are missing a couple of cylinders, since the review sample has a two-liter four-cylinder engine Ingenium from 180 horses, manning the other Jaguar and Land Rover models. Nevertheless, the elegance of the 2018 jaguar XF gear is intact, thanks to careful soundproofing filter only a fraction of the beating of diesel.

And fitting out the Interior, even with some detail sporty like the seams of leather seats in clashing colour, is always satisfying. The eight-speed automatic transmission’s scenic big that goodwill “emerge” from the console, as well as side vents that you discover electrically. While maintaining basically the lines of the first series, the renewal of the car you notice for example in instrumentation, now completely In Touch if you require digital multimedia system Control Pro, with large and modern graphical interface. Despite this downsizing Jaguar moves with ease and stance, although stiffened in version R-Sport, is still quite comfortable. And although unaccounted ben 120 horses (the V6 bi turbodiesel has 300), if you don’t skimp with the 180 available walking the 2018 jaguar XF with some boldness

2018 jaguar XF Test Drive; A week with 180Hp Sport Coupe Pictures

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