2018 Honda Jazz Review, Nice Interior

Monday, September 19th, 2016 - Honda
2018 Honda Jazz release date

2018 Honda Jazz 1.3 i-VTEC Elegance Connect CVT.A few other small cars offer a large cockpit and a roomy trunk than those of the Honda Jazz 2018 . Another ACE in the hole of the car (at least, in this rich construction), the complete safety equipment, which includes, inter alia, the notice of non-compliance with safe distance. Easy to drive, the car has a spirited and just 1.3 petrol-thirsty coupled to a continuously variable automatic transmission is inefficient to report (optional from 1,350 euros at the time of the test).

2018 Honda Jazz Review

In relation to the body, four metres long, the Interior of the Honda Jazz 2018 are (well accessible) are very spacious and practical too: storage and seat of the sofa series many lifted vertically to load tall and narrow objects. Overall, finishes don’t disappoint and are enriched with subtleties like the black lacquered Panel of the console, or the touch-sensitive buttons for the air conditioner. The bridge, however, has some fall of tone, as the little faux aluminum inserts and stitching could false “type skin” printed in the plastic. Intuitive and firmly on all four wheels, the car you drive again: the 102 1.3 horses are lively and require little gasoline. Too bad the relationship continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) is plagued by unsightly “scooter effect”: even accelerating gently, drives up excessively revving the engine (which becomes noisy), without this is one click proportioned. In the end, the losers is comfort. Instead, high security for passengers: Euro NCAP’s tests the 2018 Jazz received the highest rating (five stars). In addition, driving aid systems come standard, as what can activate the brakes alone (up to 32 km/h) to avoid a collision.

2018 Honda Jazz  Interior

The dashboard and controls. The instrumentation of the Honda Jazz 2018 is fairly complete, but lacks coolant thermometer (replaced by a spy); the digital display (with fingers) to the level of fuel in the tank is unclear and equally inaccurate. In addition, the steering wheel is too crowded with buttons: well 18. The driving position is well adjusted, but the seat has two limitations: the short session and inaccurate adjustment (jerky) for the back. Traveling quite wide: space abounds in every direction. The sofa can accommodate with many sacrifices even three adults. Well done, it is rather large and easily accessible (inlet wide). In folded sofa will not form steps.

2018 Honda Jazz review

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2018 Honda Jazz First Drive

In town. In traffic with the 2018 Honda Jazz moves us effortlessly and, by entering it manually (with the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel) the seven-speed “virtual” (in Exchange for CVT is the diameter of two pulleys connected by a belt to determine the change of ratio, which takes place continuously and not with gears that are defined as in the other changes) the “scooter” effect fades. Not always the absorption of the holes.
Out of town.¬†Agile, precise steering and engine ready, the car has a nice look and is also stable. However, the annoying shift response recommends gaits relaxed. The brakes bite well, but it is best not to misuse it: they’re not stronger. In turns, the pillars of the roof very tilted away.
On the highway. At constant speed (without the continuous variation of report of transmission) it travels well, the CAB submits its comfort and the alert to inadvertent lane change (standard) is useful. At 130 km/h the motor works at 3500 rpm and is felt shortly. After a slowdown does not need a lot of patience to regain speed.

2018 Jazz Price

2018 Honda Jazz 1.3 i-VTEC Elegance Connect CVT is around 17.550 Euro

2018 Honda Jazz Pros and Cons


  • CONSUMPTION. The engine is sprightly but little “hungry”.
  • PRACTICALITY. The doors have a wide opening angle to facilitate entry into the car. The Interior is rich in glove box and the seat of the sofa is lifted.
  • SAFETY. Are standard on many driver AIDS, such as playing in the glove compartment of some signs read from the front camera.
  • SPACE. Is plentiful for both passengers and luggage.

Why not

  • EXCHANGE. Has a number of unpleasant and unnecessarily tends to run the engine in the high zone of the tachometer.
  • FUEL INDICATOR. Bright bars, small and close together, mingle and are not always accurate in “measuring” the actual amount
  • of fuel in the tank.
  • DRIVING POSITION. The session is short and the backrest is reclined. And 18 buttons on the wheel are excessive.
  • FORWARD VISIBILITY. Is hampered by thick roof pillars and strongly tilted.

2018 Honda Jazz Review, Nice Interior Pictures

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