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Sunday, February 19th, 2017 - Ford
2018 Ford Ecosport Price Diesel Reviews

2018 Ford Ecosport Engine Specs, Reviews, New Model – With an increasingly large and opulent Kuga range, in Europe the Ford has remained without proposals in an important market segment as that of small sport utility. And so, even the American company found in its crowded “book” of models around the world something suitable to fill the hole created offer. Let me be clear: the 2018 Ford Ecosport is not a workaround; But even an absolute novelty, also because it is already in the second generation. The first had been confined to emerging markets, including Brazil and India, where it is produced.

Features. Today, after having been completely redesigned, it has all the credentials to challenge a rich parterre of competitors, that developed in the wake of the success of the Nissan Juke. The measures are the right ones to be in the game, the drive mechanism, the three-cylinder turbo engine that wowed us on Fiesta, Focus and C-Max, on paper is the best you can get today. The Interior is a nice mix of modernity and functionality. Jars a bit the big spare tire hanging from the tailgate, a solution which has been abandoned by almost all manufacturers. A choice that also offers some advantages and it certainly has the merit of giving the 2018 Ford Ecosport a distinct personality and a style all its own. The only risk is to give the coach something different than what they would like to be, namely a nimble crossover more comfortable in urban traffic that on some rambling out of town.

Passenger compartment. In any case, any doubt in this regard dissolves just takes place behind the wheel. Apart from the reassuring elevated driving position, the impression is not that different from what you get seated behind the dashboard of a Fiesta. He realizes that the Dna is the same and the family feeling is invoked by many details. Overall, a nice big picture which, however, raises some a perplexity, as plastics too stiff and the mates that have inaccuracies. Not convincing way down even on the small screen in the console, the graphics a bit congested is not easy to read or easy to manage through the commands on the console. On the other hand, the space available to the driver is more than generous and designed to accommodate people of all sizes.

2018 Ford Ecosport Review Engine Performance

How are you. Perhaps because it preceded by rave reviews of when we tried it on other Ford, three-cylinder gasoline engine was not a surprise. Balanced and quiet, the small turbo if has fared well even in the hood of the EcoSport, bringing out a fluidity and smoothness of operation quite rare for this type of architecture. The slight decline of liveliness than Fiesta and Focus cannot be entirely attributed to mass, while it is true that the sedan, albeit with a few extra pounds on the scale 0-100 times better, he popped in. In fact, from a more careful analysis of the results, it turns out that the 2018 Ford Ecosport loses ground in the first few meters because of an outbreak of apparent Patti Amanti, aided by the high Centre of gravity, together with the pitch, determines a substantial easing of the front end. Confirming this thesis, picking performance is almost similar, also thanks to the fact that the gear scaling is almost identical. On sport utility, it is true, it misses the sixth, but this absence goes to affect mainly on consumption. However, on average they make 13 km with a liter, which is not cheap, but in the city you can tap 14, also a good average, even considering that the blue oval crossover underneath has a vocation is the lack of all-wheel drive urban and the implicit confirmation. Moreover, as to ease traffic and agility in maneuvering, the 2018 Ford Ecosport does not suffer from any inferiority complex, even compared to superminis. And also when you leave the city, one of its strengths is its maneuverability, thanks to the lightness of steering with servo-electric, which has lose sensitivity with the speed limit.

At a glance. All major manufacturers are looking for the right model to break into the segment of small “city-suv”, and Ford has discovered I already in the House, although so far had been confined to secondary markets. So, with the development of the second generation has made it a global product, suitable to the most sophisticated European palates. Of course, any excess of sobriety you have to accept, but for everything else is unparalleled. Appropriate measures, great engines, especially the three-cylinder Ecoboost engine, which combines the liveliness of frugality. Competitive price.

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