2018 BMW M760 Li xDrive Review; The flagship you don’t expect

Sunday, February 5th, 2017 - BMW
2018 BMW M760 Li xDrive engine mpg

2018 BMW M760 Li xDrive Review; The flagship you don’t expect – The fastest BMW? The M4, you say. Wrong. The M6? Not even. With 0-800 Nm, 610 horses, one 100 in just 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 305 km/h (with the optional M Driver’s Package) the quickest Munich models is the new 2018 BMW M760 Li xDrive.

V12 Biturbo engine and all-wheel drive. These numbers are due to the new V12 Biturbo supercar to 6.6-liter direct injection and double Vanos variable valve timing with dual, which renews the tradition of V12 BMW started 30 years ago with five liters from 300 HP mounted on series 7 E32. To keep all the Cavalry of the twelve cylinders the House adopted all-wheel xDrive, the rear with automatic steering, suspension and anti-roll bars. Everything is adding 245/40 Michelin Pilot Super Sports front and 275/35 behind 20-inch rims shod.

2018 BMW M760 Li xDrive Dimension

Long wheelbase. The car body with a long wheelbase, which leads Them to measure the 2018 BMW M760 Li xDrive ben 524 cm, is by limousine, but the look is aggressive thanks to sporty details such as specific alloy wheels, brake calipers painted M Performance of Blue Metallic, the shield redesigned bumper and paint Matt anthracite grey. The Interior is very luxurious, as is inevitable in a series 7. If you wish, you can order the outdoor version Excellence, which conceals the true nature of this supercar.

Led by Farfus. The first contact with 2018 BMW M760 Li xDrive took place in BMW Performance Center of Thermal, California, near Palm Springs. To guide me on the test track’s Augusto Farfus Jr., pilot officer of the House. Climbing aboard, not surprised to note that the engine is already on, but don’t feel: you can tell just by the hand on the tachometer just below the 1,000 mark. The first steps in the path used as sport driving school BMW customers need to get used to driving the car, which doesn’t look so big and heavy (about 2,255 kg): the merit’s of the rear steering wheels that pull at low speeds (I notice looking at the car of Farfus, which precedes me) improving handling While higher ones is steering, to the benefit of stability. Selecting the location sport driving modes selector music, literally, change, because butterflies placed in double drain line open and give free rein to the voice of the motor, which is mighty. Change, then, your steering, transmission, and suspension. All this makes the 2018 BMW M760 Li xDrive more responsive and compelling: engine is powerful and propels the car at speed in a matter of seconds by withdrawal of licence (there’s also the launch control to maximize the acceleration) and collaboration between all-wheel drive, the rear with automatic steering and active antiroll bars always make driving easier and safer.

2018 BMW M760 Li xDrive Test Drive

Comfortable even on the track, very fast on the road. Even in the runway of Thermal Club, adjacent to the BMW Performance Center, the unsuspected qualities of handling 2018 BMW M760 Li xDrive display them: after the first laps Farfus raises the pace and following it I find myself turning very strong, always, however, safely: only the brake pedal doesn’t have the consistency that it would take under these conditions. Which, however, are somewhat unusual for a car like this: so, the test continues on the road, starting from a highway where the limit is 70 miles (112 km/h). At this pace, it seems, is comfortable and electric 2018 BMW M760 Li xDrive silent but then the path expected to go up in the mountains, at 2,000 meters, on a street with no through traffic and beautiful curves, all to be enjoyed. Here too the machine must be very strong, but it handles effortlessly. The guide is always intuitive, body roll is limited and the car follows the steering controls, which, however, despite the variable ratio rack could be even more ready and precise. But that’s OK: a balance of this level of comfort and performance isn’t something every day.

2018 BMW M760 Li xDrive test drive and specs

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