2017 Peugeot 508 SW Review, Very Confy Interior

Sunday, September 18th, 2016 - Peugeot
2017 Peugeot 508 SW redesign

Peugeot 508 SW 2017 focuses on comfort of a cabin well finished and properly insulated from the noise and potholes. The 181 horses of “2000” pushing oil well (and drink), but the automatic transmission (smoother than fast) and steering, not very accurate, suggest gaits. The price is not low, but includes the efficient bi-led, fixed glass roof and the indispensable rear view camera (behind you see shortly).

2017 Peugeot 508 SW Review

Authentic “millstone-kilometers”, this Peugeot 508 SW has cozy interiors and carefully crafted. Managed, in particular, the seats upholstered extensively and for a fee, complete with massage function in the lumbar region. Well even the rich Instrumentation (there is also the head-up display), like the riding position with extended way power. To improve the position of the electric Handbrake (the command is to the left of the steering wheel, in an area difficult to access) and the availability of more capacious storage, little (there would like one at the base of the console). The trunk is roomy and refined, designed to facilitate loading. Well planted on the ground on 19 wheels (optional, standard are 18 “), the car has a high grip, effective brakes and leaves that are conducting with minimum effort: an aspect that contributes to a less stressful the long trips. According to Euro NCAP crash testing of the protection for passengers in the event of an accident is high: the car received the highest rating (five stars).

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2017 Peugeot 508 SW price tag and release date

2017 Peugeot 508 SW Interior

The dashboard and controls

Simple and built with quality materials, the dashboard of 2017 Peugeot 508 SW offers controls well laid out and a dash clear and informative. The driver can find without difficulty the option due to more congenial way power millimeter. There is all the space that you would expect from a big wagon; However, the Cabinet between the seats is a hindrance to the legs of whoever sits in the center of the couch. The wide opening of the door and the threshold just 63 cm from the ground guarantee easy access to the cargo. The latter has a regular shape, free of steps and charge a lot.

2017 Peugeot 508 SW Review Test Drive

In town. In traffic help automatic transmission (barely noticeable steps) and light steering. However, the 2017 Peugeot 508 SW is bulky and maneuvers are complicated by turning large and poor Visual offering from the rear window (Fortunately there’s the rearview camera).

Out of town. Offers comfort and the engine has all the sprint it takes to move smoothly even when fully loaded. But despite the 181 HP, don’t look for sporty performance: Agility isn’t great, the automatic transmission is just on time to put the gears (gets better by choosing manual mode with paddle shifters) and the progressive steering leaves something to be desired.

On the highway. Is in his Kingdom: the quiet and cozy cabin is ideal for achieving still fresh at your destination. Broad curves faced paced sustained stability of the car is not affected and, after delays, you can count recovered.

2017 Peugeot 508 SW Review Price

The Price of 2017 Peugeot 508 SW 2.0 180 HP BlueHDi GT EAT6 is around 42.080 Euro

Advantages and Disadvantage of 2017 Peugeot 508 SW


  • Comfort. The spacious cabin and comfortable seats are welcoming and keeps both external noise is the pits.
  • Finishes. The materials are quality marriages performed with care.
  • Engine. It has a nice “shot”, low consumption and not noisy.
  • Instrumentation. Provides all the necessary information at a glance.
  • Road holding. Is always secure, due to tire size “XL” merit.

Why not

  • Exchange. In the brilliant Guide doesn’t always fit quickly enough the desired gear.
  • Handbrake. The lever to operate it, located on the left side of the console, it is not accessible by passengers and remains
  • hidden.
  • Glove compartment. Are few, and even small.
  • Turning circle. It is quite broad, and maneuvers “feels”.
  • Visibility. Behind is not seen much.

2017 Peugeot 508 SW Pictures

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