2017 McLaren Super Series Reveal; Teaser Before Geneva Show

Thursday, January 19th, 2017 - McLaren
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2017 McLaren Super Series Reveal; Teaser Before Geneva Show

After announcing that the heir of 650S and 675LT will have a new shell in carbon fiber, which limits the dry weight to 1,283 kilograms, McLaren has revealed another detail of the new McLaren Super Series to be presented in March at the Geneva Motor Show (March 9-19).

McLaren Super Series Design

More downforce, less resistance. This is the aerodynamics, which will have 50% higher downforce than the McLaren 650S, while offering less rolling resistance and ensuring a more cooling of the engine. This has been achieved thanks to various measures, including the innovative design of the doors, that reflect the characteristic shape of a dihedral than the McLaren P1 and include a canal that forces the air flow coming from the bonnet and the fenders to the radiators in the engine compartment, while turbulent flow coming out of the front wheel is channelled into the side of the door.

Even the spoiler hampers. Active rear spoiler not only increases the load on the rear, but at high speeds can act as Airbrakes positioning itself to its maximum angle of inclination in less than half a second, improving stability under braking.

McLaren Super Series Engine

Always with tBiturboiturbo. The McLaren Super Series House did not supply other data on the car, which, however, probably will adopt an enhanced version of the current V8 biturbo of 3.8 litres adopted by all McLaren.

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2017 McLaren Super Series Reveal; Teaser Before Geneva Show Pictures

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