2017 Mazda CX-5 VS Volkswagen Tiguan; SUVs Battle!

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 - Mazda, Volkswagen
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The ingredients for a nice comparison there are all, between Mazda CX-5 and Volkswagen Tiguan. Japanese school against German. The first is in version 2.2 L Skyactiv-D 175 CV 4WD exceed, with automatic gearbox; The second is the 2.0 TDI 150 CV DSG 4motion executive. Our SUVs are fully fledged in the noble part of the category, in that band close to the premium zone. It is thus for quality, “thickness” of the equipment, optional, level of comfort and performance.

Different settings. The two SUVs are appreciated for the style and the presence on the road. And the initial good impression is confirmed by the equipment. The CX-5 exceed series is already rich, while, as is the case for the Hiroshima House models, the margin for personalization is not wide. Other than the approach to the Tiguan, which offers a good basic equipment, even with different grains, but largely expandable using the list of accessories.

2017 Mazda CX-5 VS Volkswagen Tiguan; Power vs Agility

Power vs Agility. Let’s say it now, the Mazda has 25 more hp and the thing you notice in performance, considering that it weighs also about fifty pounds less. But the timing of the surveys is not everything. And, in any case, in the tests the Tiguan from 150 CV has been asserted. Here, however, it also counts how the performance is disbursed. And the thrust is more robust on the GIAP (which has 420 nm of torque versus 340), while the German row via shipped, more smoothly and quietly. Just a bit rough the Mazda diesel, while on Volkswagen you will hear some ticking at the low revs. Impossible, then, to beat the CX-5 in the long: it touches the 5,500 laps, against the 5,000 of the rival. The Japanese SUV has a heavy steering, already in manoeuvre. This gives the impression of less agility in the mix. Mind you, not even the Tiguan is sporty, but thanks to the lighter steering (and a little more full-bodied in sport mode) and the lower body, it is relaxed and precise. The Mazda, in any case, seems to be voted on the fast and highway routes, where you appreciate the comfortable seat. Even the Tiguan, however, knows how to grind the kilometers well, which faces silently (then, some aerodynamic rustle feels on both). As for the ability to filter the irregularities, in front they do well both, while behind is stiffer than the Japanese. In Vairano stability tests no problems have emerged: the CX-5 boasts a little less grip, and sometimes tends to a slight oversteer, which the electronics handle with decision. The Tiguan is ready and has a substeering behavior, with reduced roll and vigilant controls. All-round safety, which also passes through integral traction. The brakes: The Japanese suffers the differentiated funds and the maximum load, with long stopping spaces (it was better, in March 2014, at the lightest 2wd); Correct, however, the cold response. Finally, the consumption: the performance is a bit ‘ paid, so the Mazda travels on average 13.3 km/L (and 12.4 in the city), while the Volkswagen makes the 14 (and 13.4). Both can guarantee long journeys without stopover.

Mazda CX-5-Volkswagen Tiguan
Sports utility in comparison

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