2016 Volkswagen Touran 2.0 TDI 150Hp Review: Well Made, But The Price!

Sunday, September 11th, 2016 - Volkswagen
2016 Volkswagen Touran 2.0 TDI new features

2016 Volkswagen Touran 2.0 TDI 150Hp Review: Well Made, But The Price! – Aboard the New 2016 Touran offers more space than the “Suns” 453 cm long would suppose, and everything is well organized: there are practical solutions drop bar, numerous compartments and optional “smart” like sitting shield carry children. The whole experience the quality of the Interior, even better than the Golf courses from which the Touran is derived. All, however, you pay: the prices are high, and certainly not rich. The 2.0 diesel from 150 HP has the shot serving and something more, but is not among the “two thousands” more “tonics”, especially rebounding. Compared to the previous generation, isn’t more methane-powered version is also available.

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2016 VW Touran Specs

Completely next generation volkswagen touran is longer (13 cm) than its predecessor: sleek and spacious comes with seven seats (two) and about 100 liters of trunk. There is also the same price without the two rear seats (in this version, however, the old model was save 341 euros). Despite being more expensive than almost all of his rivals, charges several devices (such as blind spot mirror control and to maintain current Lane); as standard, however, adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking. The 2.0 diesel is not lazy: However in overtaking, if you scale a March, the recovery is slow. His system of NOx reduction is effective, but requires frequent replenishment of AdBlue urea-based liquid that is a, injected into the exhaust pipe before a selective reduction catalyst (Scr), triggers a chemical reaction that turns harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) into water and nitrogen (N). The Touran, the AdBlue tank is only 11 litres: for home, it takes on average to 7350 km. The car “warn” well in advance of the exhaustion of the additive but, if there is no, no longer starts. The 1.6 TDI 110 horsepower (the same power of 1.2 TSI petrol) costs nearly two thousand euros less, but is sluggish. The 2.0 TDI is available as well with 190 PS (only with the automatic transmission and in Executive). Unlike the previous generation, then, the popular natural gas version has not been revived.

vw touran 2016 review Interior; CONFIGURE THE TRUNK AND CABIN AS YOU WANT

2016 Volkswagen Touran 2.0 TDI interior pictures HD

The dashboard and controls

Various commands of Volkswagen Touran (including wheel) are taken from the Golf, but the asymmetrical vents, placed in horizontal plank, save the originality of this collection. And there are “touches” of originality as the mirror frameless Central. Remarkable practicality: the cabin is a real “gold mine” of rooms (deep that obtained under the center armrest) and finishes are of the highest quality, even into the most hidden. Paying, the rear seats can have the seat face transport children. The large glass roof is expensive, but it makes a great scene: with headlights on, its perimeter is lighted with diffused light. The instrument panel is easy to read, with well-defined and comprehensive Multifunction (color): see also the directions of the Navigator and how many km are missing to the exhaustion of the additive AdBlue. Modern 3D graphics of the Navigator evolved Discovery Pro to 8 inches (over two thousand euro).


In front of a lot of space. Behind you are comfortable: the armchairs in the middle (those broad 46 cm, the seat between 40) are sliding; not only by luck the last two places. The three second-row seats slide each to 19 cm and have adjustable backrests as well in inclination. On the tunnel (not hanging) there is a console with the commands in the “climate” and a 12 volt socket. The two thin folding third-row escape with ease from the bottom. Do not offer Ono little space: only those who pass the 180 cm in height “touches” with his head.


In “trim 5 seater” vw Touran 2016 has wider trunk of BMW Grand Tourer, Citroën Grand C4 Picasso, Ford C-max 7 and Opel Zafira, but with 7 seats in use BMW and Opel do best. The opening is wide and regular shape: the headlights ‘ steal ‘ little space. Well protected lock ring in the threshold, in turn covered with plastic. Folding up the central seats the cargo floor is perfectly flat. Practical folding seat-right (standard) and the compartment under the floor, for storing the sunshade when not in use. With the third row seats in use, there remains room for three small trolley placed standing. Okay, for a minivan, the height of the load threshold (64 cm). With Easy Open package (optional), to lift the electric tailgate just move one foot under a sensor in the bumper.

vw touran 2016 review

In town

In spite of the rear window rather vertical, in reverse we see little profit the camera and electrically folding mirrors, that still illuminate the road, with the right side showing the sidewalk in “retro” (all optional). Automatic emergency braking is standard on the Volkswagen Touran, just like the fast system Stop & Start. Not bad the 15.4 km/l were found in media.

Out of town/off-road test

Held Rev up 2.0 is lively and well supported by a steering quite accurate. In sports, the DCC electronic suspension (optional) do not harden too, but reduce the lateral cornering car platform. Pretty Spry, the car has a rear that tends to widen the trajectory in release (Esp, however, intervene promptly). Well the 18.2 km/l recorded by our instruments.

On the highway

The hissing and rolling noise of tyres remain off; in the sixth, at 130 km/h, the engine works at 2150 rpm, they don’t hear annoyingly. Not worrisome, but not “record”, the 14.7 km/l detected. Just hard-hitting, though, the pick: delays make it necessary to shift up. Adaptive cruise control (standard) profit keeps the right distance from the vehicle ahead, and stability in corners and emergency braking is high: the kilometers trickling in relax

The Reason Why You Must Buy New Volkswagen Touran 2016

Space abounds, both for people and for luggage, although the car is long just 453 cm.
The 2016 Touran is among the Volkswagen made better: at certain points even more than the Golf, with quality fittings and materials as well as the eye does not arrive.
The list is really long: from the integration with Smartphones to diffuse light, passing through the sunroof armchairs with adjustable seat for babies.
Between compartments, drawers and Mantles, arrange cargo is easy. Practical sliding seats and even the three independents in the Middle, and the right side folded.

The Reason Why You Don’t Buy New Volkswagen Touran 2016

The Highline is dear, and however does charge the Navigator and the front distance sensors.
The natural gas version has disappeared but is scheduled for Golf (from which the Touran is derived). The five seats it costs less than the seven, and lacks the Highline petrol.
Without scale, it takes a while to get back up: at low revs the 2.0 is limp. And the fault is not: 5th and 6th are not “long”.
Is only 11 litres: the great travelers have to top it up several times a year. No big deal (so even alone), but it will be better to have ready, on board, a reserve of additive.

2016 VW Touran Pictures

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